Optimal Linking Structures

It is better to make several sites (GGG Projects or Minisites) and link them together, instead of making a single large project. Of course, this means more work. The different sites should target a different but related topic each.

"...sometimes it will make sense to have multiple similar websites covering slightly different topics. Doing this can help you create topically authoritative inbound links to different sites in your network and give you a multibranded approach to marketing. You want to make sure your sites are all different and unique though. If your sites are extremely similar then your sites may receive a spam penalty."

Search Engine Optimization Book by Aaron Matthew Wall

A short extract from the book "Revenge of the MiniNet - 2004 - Michael Campbell", describing some optimal linking structures for SEO.

The author achieves SEO by using Minisites (small groups of 5-10 related pages), using several linking patterns: the ring and the matrix seem to be the most advanced ones.

The minisites can be achieved by simple GGG projects with no subkeywords. The regular GGG projects with subkeywords, can be described as 2-level, tree-structured minisites. Thus, they are more complex and have higher chances of being considered Authorities, Hubs and PageRank Generating Clusters, as described in the latest generation of SEO ebooks.

The keyword rich file clusters must be focused in different aspects of the main subject: if we are speaking of pets, it could be dogs, cats, birds, reptiles. Each small site needs 5-6 main keywords, and 8-10 secondary keywords.

Angel and the Butterfly

"The angel and butterfly are named for the way they look, when the linking strategies are sketched on paper. The angel uses three minisites to promote a destination, where the butterfly uses four or more. Cross linking minisites in this manner is one of my favorite and most effective mininet strategies..."

"... some people prefer to make their home page the site map or directory, with links to all internal pages. Personally, I prefer to make a one way link from the home page to the site map, as in Fig. 6.2, which acts as a directory, that links to all the internal pages."


GGG allows to reproduce this "Butterfly" linking structure, simply by creating a project with 1st. level pages.


Interlinking several GGG projects (butterfly minisites) into a Ring mininet - according to Michael Campbell

Every minisite needs to link to two main targets: one is the website we are trying to promote, either our own selling site or the Affiliate Program for which we generate traffic. The Sales page should be always one of our targets (defined in GGG Step 1). The second outgoing link, needs to target the NEXT minisite in the circle. Thus, all the minisites form a ring, and the last minisite links to the FIRST.

One of the main reasons for following the "one way link" strategy, is because it fits the hub and authority model which is important to Google. If you have a link to your home page from a hub like Yahoo or Dmoz, thatís an example of a hub leading to an authority.

The home page has only two or three links on it, which qualifies it as an authority. It has a one way link to another hub, the site map, which links out to all the internal pages of the site. Hub like Yahoo, leads to home page authority, which leads to site map hub, which leads to internal page authorities.

From Minisite to Mininet.... the Concept

"The one way links leaving the internal pages of the minisites, are usually affiliate links containing tracking codes. The minisite has done its job at this point and quickly gets the shopper headed to the advertiserís site where they can actually make the purchase.

The mininet concept works best with makes and model numbers. This allows us to optimize each page of the minisite for a highly targeted set of keywords.

The mininet concept does not rely on anyone else to provide your own link popularity. By linking several sites on related topics the mininet quickly rises in the search engines. If the pages are optimized correctly, top ten positioning should be assured.

In the Figure on the next page, each site has only four internal pages. This was done for the sake of simplicity in the diagrams. It is best to vary the number of pages and the byte size of pages in each minisite. No duplicating allowed. Start each page with fresh content and avoid templates."

Generate 3-4 small GGG projects with few keywords and 1-2 subkeywords each. Do not use exactly the same content boxes. Center each project around a subject.

The Matrix Linking Strategy

The Matrix is an expansion of the Angel and Butterfly models. Some said it looked like a window when sketched. Others claimed it was a "pain in the glass" ;-) because its harder to set up. Originally it was called the "Window of Opportunity" because it was so successful. But the name Matrix finally stuck.

The beauty is... it helps us be competitive in more generic keyword categories, while having a modular structure, so we can continue to add sites into the Matrix as time permits.

What we do is start with three to five minisites and link them together in a ring, very similar to the Butterfly. The main keyword is of the ring is t-shirts.

The secondary keyword changes with each minisite. In this case weíve chosen a moderately competitive field... animal t-shirts.

For the sake of example below, Iíve chosen generic cat, dog and bird, instead of particular breeds, hoping to capture more generic traffic. Of course you could always optimize each minisiteís internal pages for specific breeds, if your keyword research shows a lot of searches for certain animals.

FoundFirst.com Website Promotion Matrix

Tools vs. Strategies





Viral Marketing



Hard Work


organization organization thru links Freeware version Yes Yes Yes


generation generation thru original contents Freeware version Some Yes Yes

Keyword Thief

learning from others learning from others - - Not really Not Not much

Expert System

original, smart content - thru real reference links By giving away expert systems Yes Yes Yes

Octopus Link Exchange Manager

- link reputation thru standard links - Not Not Not much


- specific thru links in valuable directories - Not Not Yes


Renewed, easy-to-get plenty - - Not Some Not much


Renewed, creative, user-made plenty - Reaching the proper news aggregators Plenty Plenty Yes

We will implement this Mininet matrix using our GGG software, as an example of what should be done, and as a means of bringing more traffic to our websites.