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Comparison with other Doorway/Gateway Generators

We did an extensive market research while designing our GGG, including, but not limited to, the following products.

As you can check in the table below:



SEO Doorway Page Generator
Smart Page Generator
Maximum Doorway Pages generated in one click
From 10 to 1000, according to version
Bold, underline, H1 or H2 tagged keywords
Creates site map file with links to the generated Doorway Pages
SE Spam Free
No Risk - 21 Days Money Back Guarantee!
Free software updates for a year
Multiple page types
Multiple target URLs
Keyword-specific subdirectories
Automatic keyword density adjustment
Importing-exporting of keywords
Non-expiring Shareware version
Editable templates
Different Description and Title Metatags for every page
Hierarchical Keyword Structure
Multidomain hosted pages


Package URL Signature Comment Price
1st Position Gateways have this metatag: <META name="generator" CONTENT="1st Position"> Only one simple gateway per SE. $79.95
Advanced doorway builder Megabiznes   Not  very professional. Limited features. $39.95
Doorway Blaster Spcksoftware Generated pages read: This Page Is Generated By: Doorway Blaster - FREE Download! Up to 10 doorways in free version - random file names - lots of advertising in free pages - several monodomain features - pages look all alike $99.95
Doorway Page Wizard Generated By Doorway Page Wizard Does not include any user  text in pages, other than keywords and text chunks taken from the web. No images, except theirs. No link options. Monodomain. No more than 4-5 configurable features. Nice keyword search utility. Lacks foreign language support. Free and $25.
Dynamic Web Promotion Software - Submission 2000 submission2000 Gateways have this metatag: This Page is created by Dynamic Web Promotion blah blah... Few features. Makes identical gateways, one per keyword. Gateway generation is one small feature among several others. $49.95, $99.95, $199.95
Fantomaster   All pages look the same. Redirect Javascript in the header. Complex to use. Extremely slow process. Uses deprecated cloaking technology. Expensive. Over $1000.
Free (online) Doorway Generator   Limited features.  
PagePromoter Pagepromoter   Javascript redirection always included.
Limited gateway features
Platinum: $199 Pro: $99 Std: $69
PositionWeaver 4.0.0 (seems is no longer active) Frame pages have content inside de Noframes tag. Many features but buggy. Text entry has to exclude keywords completely. Questionable features like 1x1 pixel images and large numeric file names. $69.95
SE Cloaker Searchenginecloaker      
SignPoster Signposter   Limited features Standard: $54.95. Professional: $79.95
Web Position Gold Web-positiongold All pages look the same and are easily identifiable.

All pages made with version 1.10 read: ", you'll discover an easy to use, information blah blah blah."

Limited features. Cumbersome to use: you need to repeat the process many times until you all the parameters test OK, or until you give up and  decide to use what you have got.  Standard Edition $149. Professional Edition $349


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