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Trick Google into positioning your site

7 proven methods to trick Google into positioning your website

If you are a webmaster and searched under "how to get more visits", you found 4.000.000 pages. The first of them (as of March, April and May 2004) is how_to_get_more_visits.htm  , was generated by our software and leads to our website.

These are our suggested methods to get to the top of Google, Altavista and other Search Engines:

1.    Optimize your websites

2.    The Shotgun Approach: use a lot of keywords

3.    Use Google optimized pages in addition to your regular website

4.    Make gateway pages that do not look like gateway pages

5.    Use gateway domains to push back your competence

6.     Use Viral Marketing to build PageRank and obtain thousands of incoming links

7.      Manually submit your important pages to the best indexes, for fast, valuable, free incoming links  

The present ebook explains how to do it.

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Optimization Glossary

Anchor pages -Bow theory -Brute force optimization -Cloaking -Co-branding -Content boxes  -Content pages -Doorway pages-First level gateways  -FTP  -Gateway pages -GGG -Hallway pages -Information pages -Keyword density -Keyword frequency -Keyword prominence -Link Farms -Link Popularity -Metatags -Multiple gateway domains -Nested keywords -PageRank -Random gateways -Read-more pages   -Redirecting pages-SE themes -Search Engine (SE) -Search Engine saturation -Second level gateways -Shotgun  theory of website promotion -Indirect crosslinking -Spamdexing -Target site -Themes -Viral Marketing

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