Ranking Experiments with GGG

Promoted product Code Date Features # Keywords 1st-2nd, #random Results Comments
GGG ggg several projects 2003-04 mixed, old, usually large projects overimposed. 100-200 Overall, very good. Hard to say which features work and which did not.
GGG gg01 May 05     Results 1 - 10 of about 1,710,000 for Optimized Page Generator  
Submission - Positioning gg02 July 24, redone Oct. 16, redone Nov. 13.


Broken links, Javascript mouseover, random pages not leading to sitemap, 4 domains

Search Engine Submission and Positioning is the main anchor text

31-43 Dec.11: 12 of 1,770,000 for THIS very page.

Nov. 24: 94 of 1,700,000. Maybe the difference between Main Anchor Text and Title of the Target page accounts for the poor result. Also, the main host for pages, with keyword-specific directories, is not the same as the main Target. To be corrected in next project. 

Good content. Will try again.

Nov. 13: The main target site is not the one that hosts the pages. There are still broken links. The template has random pages that do not link to other domains, nor to sitemap.

Swimming pools ip01 July 19, 2005   11-16, 60 Results 13 of about 429,000 for keyword: comercio de piscinas, also under instalacion de piscinas  
Swimming pools ip02 Sept. 13, 2005

Piletas de Natación (swimming pools) is the Main anchor text. Automatically generated content. 

  Results 42 of 52,600 for keyword: piletas de natación, for the home page of this domain. We do not know if this project is responsible for the positioning results. Maybe it only contributes. The main keyword is shared with other projects.
Inventions in01 August 7 2005 Very different inventions - 4 targets - Javascript mouseover

5 domains - 

30 Results 1 - 10 of about 3,430,000 for Simple powerful inventions, target site name as defined in Step 1, thus the main anchor text  
Domain Growing Service dg01 Aug. 21

3 domains


3 of about 16,400,000 for Main anchor text: Increasing the value of your domain

Lost after March 06

Probably the new Google disliked this project, where the secondary hosting domains are not at the top of the sitemap.

See Poor Networking Note*.

Javascript is another possible culprit.

This project is being done again on May 27,. No Javascript, real contents (DG articles), more domains, new template.
Cocktails co01 Aug.27

3 domains, hundreds of keywords

Javascript mouseover - Invented cocktails. Many links and keywords, little real content. No relations between content and keywords vs. main anchor text. Adsense in top of pages. No variable phase separator for 1st. level links.

200 nothing yet Maybe the Adsense is negative. Only the sitemap got a relatively good ranking.
There are no keywords in the pages.
Bendable tree invention in02 Sep.1 3 domains, few keywords -  20% javascript redirect 13-28 Results 1 - 10 of about 6,090,000 for Main anchor text: Fruit Collection System. (0.19 seconds) and also some good results with keyword targets. Automated content
False News fn01 Sep.8 2 domains, Javascript - mouseover , Adsense. about 50 keywords nothing Probably lack of content and Adsense.
Synonymizer sy02 Aug 9, redone Oct. 15 4 domains. Adsense in bottom of pages. 33 kw, 40 sk Intermediate. Main anchor text is the same as sy03. Few keywords well placed.  Originally automated short content. Later synonymized (100% - low quality) content.
Synonymizer sy03 Oct.14

4 domains

50 On Nov.1 we obtained:4th of about 81 millions.

Also, 1st of 445,000 for  keyword dense content

Main anchor text: web content generation . The title of the main target now fits the Main Anchor Text.

Some ranking lost on March 06. The secondary hosts are low and lost in the sitemap. *

False News fn02 Oct. 15 Adsense. 2 domains 50 nothing yet Main anchor text: Advertising Internet. No javascript, more text, some subkeywords related to content. It has Adsense, which seems to be ruining the effect of GGG campaigns..
Doorway pages dw01 Oct.17 3 domains. AdSense. 10 78 of about 2 millions for project gg01, where Doorway Pages is 1st level keyword. This might have displaced this dw01 project, where Doorway Pages is the main anchor text. Poor.

Main anchor text: Doorway pages. Good text, no javascript. 

SEO Software ss01 Oct.23 7 domains 7-24,50 nothing yet gg site banned. On May 22 - 2006 I rebuild the project.
SEO Tools ss02 Oct.23 7 domains. Same as the above in most features. Mixed content: some automatic, some taken from relevant or irrelevant sites. 7-24,100 84 of 4,420,000 for SEO Software Tools ,hosted in and  targeting gatewaygenerator.com

105 of 4,400,000 for: SEO Tools SEO Software, hosted in Gatewaygenertor.com and targeting foundfirst.com/seo 

The target Title is not the same as the main anchor text. In one case, the main host is not the same as the target. That decreases ranking in 20 posts.
SEO Tools ss03 Nov. 9 7 domains, 4 IPs. Target domains include SEO : seoSoftware.com.ar, seo-advisor.com.ar. 

Relevant, synonymized contents.

10 keyw., 62 subkeyw. 50 randoms 35 of 10 million for SEO Software and 80 of 11 million for SEO Tools , pointing to the home pages of gatewaygenerator.com or foundfirst.com.  Main anchor text: SEO Tools. Good text, no javascript. 
SEO Software ss04 Nov.20 similar as above, but slight changes in the templates, to make them more aggresive, and main host is seosoftware instead of gatewaygen. More randoms (100). 12 keyw., 66 subkeyw. 100 randoms 1st of 130,000 pages for main anchor text, but not its components. 12 of 1,430,000 for the Title of the home page for the main site:SEO company, agency and consultancy search 
Main anchor text: SEO tools - SEO software - eMarketing blog. Good text, no javascript. 
In March was erased. Now, May 20, I am rebuilding with a few changes.
Submission - Positioning 2
similar as Submission - Positioning 1, but corrected the targeting strategy, pointing now to FoundFirst.com
25 keyw,, 70 subkwa. 100 randoms. nothing yet. The results in sp01 could be or not related to this project.

Main anchor text:  Submission - Positioning


SEO Software

ss05 Nov.29 similar as above, but slight changes in the templates, to make them more aggresive, and main host is seosoftware.com.ar  instead of gatewaygen.   100 randoms -

Main anchor text: SEO software  tools - More emphasis given to 1st level keywords than Main Anchor text.  Good text, no javascript. 

*: see note below

AndesTrade   October

Project for a client that exports meat and wine. Only one domain. Nice-looking template.

  Excellent results! Argentine meat exporter, 30 out of 2,200,000  
Syno 4 sy04 December Machine-written content, mixed with articles. all targeting the keyword Synonyms and the main domain root. Plus, some optimizing of the home page. 6 hosts - 3 IPs 17 keywords - 48 subk - 15rand. 32 of 10,000,000 pages
It seems that good results disappeared after a while. Maybe the content is not that good.
The Poor Networking is corrected on May 17.
Syno 5 sy05 December I am trying duplications of words in keyword AND subkeyword. I am creating longer content boxes with Paragraph Generator, to be used exclusively.     Erased in March
FalseNews 03 fn03 Jan 01, 2006 Project repeated without Adsense. Added a few more keywords. Targets the root of the main host, where the keyword-specific directories are located. 10 keyw - 70 subkw - 3 dominios host. - 50 random No results. *: see Poor Networking Note

Updated May.22 - 2007

*: Poor Networking. This defect appeared to affect results after March 2006 (BigDaddy Algo Update). The defect would be that the only way to reach the random pages was thru the sitemap. In this defective sitemap, links to Secondary Domains were submerged below all the links to 1st. and 2nd level. The spider probably disregarded the secondary domains and considered a single domain, abusive network.

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