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Gateway Abuse

GGG is a powerful tool that can be used for either website optimization or spamming. Follow our guidelines to fall within the first and short of the second.

As a SEO (search engine optimization) company, we are familiar with the gateway page abuse policies of some SE. They generally dislike gateway pages, because they increase their workload.

For instance, over a hundred of gateway pages, less than 10 keywords, with little content, pointing to just one target from only one gateway hosting URL would be abusive. We recommend to take some time to research keywords and obtain relevant content. Using the full potential of GGG reduces the chance of seeming abusive.

Some synonymes for gateway pages: anchor, doorway, pointer, entry, bridge, hook, landing, attraction, envelope pages. It seems that nobody knows exactly what are they, what´s their difference, and when a regular page crosses the border to gateway page.

GGG makes "information" pages, if you prefer something politically correct.

SE abusive behaviours and how GGG avoids them:

SE abusive behaviours and how the GGG user can avoid them:


Read about SE abuse:

Most experts agree on the fact that Javascript redirecting pages are OK. That is why we include it as an option and we recommend it.

Keep an eye on the search engines spam guidelines published by the search  engines and reputable search engine watch web sites.

A review on requirements for top search engines can be found here:

Our position concerning abuse is stated here

During the 18 months since GGG release, none of our GGG promoted websites has been penalyzed !


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