Great Gateway Generator Page Structure

GGG is the most advanced generator of content or gateway pages. Unlike other generators that make identical pages for any project, this one has a very large of configurable options.

All generated gateway pages have different features, according to the input data and criteria.

In the drawing and table below we list every type of generated gateway page, their amount, the incoming and outcoming links.

Some of the parameters can be modified from the program menus, some others from the .dat file.

Gateway pages: types and linking structure

The linking structure can be infinitely variable. However, the Minimal and Table template sets provide the most common and effective linking structures.

Default Linking Structure - Can be modified with Body Template Editor at Step 5-4

Gateway page type


Linked from:

Links to:

1st level

as many as primary keywords

  • "Link to Primary" element. Usually in Sitemap (hallway page), sibling primary pages.

  • all its children

  • all its siblings

  • Hallway

  • Target site

  • Google search for target site. (optional)

2nd level

as many as sub-keywords

  • parent

  • all its sibling (optional)

  • One randomly chosen page is linked from the Hallway

  • all its siblings (optional)

  • parent

  • Hallway

  • Google search for target site (optional).


user defined

  • all its siblings  (within the same domain)

  • Hallway

  • all its siblings

  • Hallway

  • Google search for target site.

  • Some pages (user defined %) have Javascript redirecting to Target site.

  • Some pages  (user defined %) link to Target site

Hallway (Sitemap.htm)


  • Target site (must be done manually)

  • All Primary level, all Secondary level, all random pages.

  • 1 randomly chosen Primary and 1 randomly chosen Secondary level page.

  • 1 Random page from each Random domain.

  • Google search for target site.

  • Google search for target topic.


  *: The main Keywords belong to the primary level. For each one a Primary level gateway is generated. To each of these keywords correspond 0 to many Sub-keywords. Similarly, for each Sub-keyword a Secondary level "child" gateway is generated.

We call siblings to all pages at the primary level, to the pages at the secondary level that arise from the same "mother" page, and to the random pages that reside in the same domain.  

This structure can be modified from the Template Editor. If you do not purchase the SP or eM versions, that give you access to that feature, you can use Notepad to edit the templates.