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GGG, unique Optimized Site Generator for top-ranking pages.


Highly customizable smart pages cover all the possible keywords that apply to your site.



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Benefits of optimized pages:

Keywords are the main instrument that Search Engines use for indexing. Usually, the more keywords, the better.

One of the first algorithms used to rank pages with similar keywords was relevancy. If a page contained 5% of a certain keyword, it was considered more relevant that other with 3%. More than 5% is considered doubtful and suspicious. When a page contains more than 5 or 10 keywords, their individual relevance goes down. This is the main reason to have Optimized pages.

Increasing traffic to your site by using SEO pages is a technique known by webmasters since the beginning of the WWW. However, heavy competition in almost every field, and SEs restrictive measures drove expert site promoters to improve the quantity and quality of their pages. In fact, once one name gets discredited by the conservative web establishment, the site promoters come up with another one.

Optimized webpages are very focused, have optimal metatags, carefully adjusted interlinking, light weight, lots of text and other features that are being permanently changed by the Search Engines (SEs) and discovered by us the Site Promoters.

Create optimized pages for your website for optimal Search Engine positioning. Obtain more traffic for your website appearing under many different keywords in Google, Yahoo, Altavista and other PPC and search engines. Get the spiders to index your website fast and completely, for maximal exposure of your web content. Improve your ranking and the free visits to your site.