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Optimizing Sites with GGG - eMarketer - Template Editor

Optimizing websites for good search engine positioning is universally done manually, because there are many factors that must be taken into account. There is no single opinion on how to do it, and the rules (which only Google knows) change very often.

For these reasons, the specialized SEO companies are at high demand, charge huge amounts, and relate their prices to the size of the websites, the number of keywords and the technology used to build them.

Our software is the first in its kind that automates the process of optimizing websites, producing all the features that are known to improve the ranking of pages, sites, and site networks.

The Template Editor inserts 2 kinds of elements:

See the Help file for Template Editor.

One GGG-optimized version of this site: . This version used text extracted from other sites and synonymized for safe publication. It might look a little nonsensical to human readers, but it is fine for the SEs.

We usually run a number of tools after the site is created, to make sure that the keyword density, linking structure and other features are within the accepted SEO standards.

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