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Limitations of the Freeware compared to the paid versions of GGG
($79 SitePromoter, $250 eMarketer, $1000 GGG 1000)

See Features for details

Templates. In the Freeware version, you canīt edit templates with the specialized Template Editor. You can edit them with any HTML editor like FrontPage, but you will not see the GGG specific elements. 

Keyword frequency in the content boxes. In freeware versions this is fixed. In the others you can establish the desired value.

Limited keywords and projects . See Features. The paid versions have no limit regarding number of projects.

Limited content boxes. The amount of content boxes  is fixed to 5 in the Freeware. In paid versions this value is larger: see Features

Random pages. The amount of random-generated pages is fixed to 20 in the Freeware. In paid versions this value is larger: see Features

Phrases. Phrases shown in optimized pages (ie: "if you still need info about...") are fixed in the freeware version and editable in the paid versions.

Custom HTML box. In the paid versions you can add html code to your pages, for instance: counter, banner exchange, signature.

Multi-domains. In this freeware version you are not allowed to used more than 1 domain. In paid versions this value is larger: see Features

Keyword-specific directories: In the SitePromoter and eMarketer versions this option (Step 5-1) allows creation of directories named as keywords, holding files named as its subkeywords. This feature allows creation of large numbers of pages without crowding the directories.

Keyword Density. In the Freeware, the keyword density of content boxes for first-and-second level pages is fixed in 2.

Ads. Pages generated by the Freeware versions have links to our website or other sponsors.

The paid versions have all the features needed for optimal positioning of your optimized pages, for making them unique and for staying out of the SEs abuse definitions.

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