We are partnering with an established Affiliate Program administrator, , to provide a quality and trustable affiliate program for our resellers.

Sign in here at no cost.

You will get an account number and a piece of HTML code that you can include in your website. When customers click there, they will be taken to our Home page, or directly to the Download Now link (both options are available for you).

At that time, a cookie will register the origin of the visit to our site. When one of those leads buys our product, within the first 90 days, you will be credited with 30% of the cost. The cost is 20, 79 or $250.

ClixGalore will then send you a check.


Reseller account Plus Viral Marketing Version

If you buy a Viral Marketing version we can include your affiliate number in software code. It will be located in the link that leads to the Purchase page. In this way, you will be credited with all sales that originate in your software, even when the buyer doesn´t visit your site. Very often people download a  product and passes it to its friends, include it packages or upload it to their own servers.

Feel free to redistribute our eBook "7 proven methods to trick Google into positioning your website". We can customize it for you if requested, including a link to your website or affiliate selling page.

In ClixGalore you might also find another affiliate program for GGG, based on PayperClick instead of PayperSale. If you are interested, ask for its activation.

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