Search Engine Traffic for your site

Content Pages optimized for each keyword that describes your website can reach the top positions in Google, Altavista and other Search Engines (SE)

A good search engine ranking can be achieved by a well-planned site optimization strategy. Most search engine positioning services combine site re-writing with gateway (doorway) pages.

Search Engines (SE) are the main source (80%) of traffic for websites. Out of this, accounts for the 75% of all visits.

GGG is:

  • Powerful: the only Search Engine Optimizing software in the market for large numbers of unique, highly optimized pages.

  • Configurable: 49 user-controlled features instead of 5 or 6 ("only" 37 in the freeware version).

  • Discrete: hand-made looking pages. No appearance of automatic generation.

  • Adaptable: a small file that changes every few days allows the software to adjust the generated pages to what the SE expect to find in their top-ranked selections.

  • Easy to use: fill a few forms, choose your options (or leave the default configuration) and press Enter. Your pages are ready to be uploaded.

Search Engine Optimizer Tool

Is your web site optimized for the major Search Engines?

Pages that do not look machine-generated

Our search engine ranking approach involves creating one optimized doorway page per possible keyword (or keyword phrase). Those pages will be easily found in SE, bringing public to the website. When more than 6 or 8 keywords are relevant, a gateway generator software is convenient or necessary.

GGG goes far beyond simple gateway page generation. Its purpose is to help you generate pages that do not look machine-generated.  This is accomplished by a large number of customizable features and no signatures (except the freeware versions, which bear our ads or those from clients).

GGG is the only Search Engine Optimizing software that handles multiple gateway domains, nested keywords, one exclusive page per keyword, theme building, smart keyword seeding, automatic content generation and soft crosslinking.

GGG generates hundreds of optimized gateway or content pages in minutes, ready to upload. The procedure take into account every known rule for top search engine ranking.

We call them either gateway (a common term for SE-optimized pages) or content pages, this is, pages with plenty of content worthy of being indexed on its own. Some purists dislike gateway pages because they are an "aggressive" marketing technique and "spam" the SE. While opossed to spam or abuse, most SEO (search engine optimization) companies believe in a reasonable quantity and quality of gateway pages.

Our exclusive system for automatic content generation allows more room for keywords in the gateway page set. It starts from a basic text and a synonym database.

Other web site ranking products allow a few customization fields: URL, title, keywords, category and little else. As a result, search engines easily spot their repetitive gateway pages and take measures against them.

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