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Strategies for Optimized Site Generation


Avoiding Content Box Duplication

To keep content box repetition to a minimum, we recommend this strategy:

Does it pay to improve the aspect of the pages? 

Not if you are using Redirects. The automatic Javascript redirect, implemented by a code line in the header of the pages, directs your visitors to the Target site. Humans do not have chance to see those pages. Thus, do not worry about using a complex template. You will decrease the ranking potential of your pages. 

The MouseOver Javascript redirect lets the users see the top of the page maybe for one second, before they pass the mouse over the Mouse.Over Redirect Image. It is also negative to loose effort in the aspect of the doorway pages.

If you do not like Javascript redirects, then you can use a template set other than the Minimal or the Table.sets. In that case, make sure your text or images suggest your visitors to go to the target site.

How to use GGG to manage PageRank? 

There are several options. If you use many Link to Target elements in your templates, there will be more PageRank directed to your targets. 

If you select many targets in Step 1, the PageRank will be divided between all those targets. On the other hand, using many targets is good because it diminishes the "doorway page" character of the GGG pages.

If you want to privilege the GGG pages over the targets, you can use many times the internal link elements: Link to Primary, Links to Secondary, Links to other Random. If you give more PageRank to the GGG site and only benefits the Targets with traffic, eventually you can change Target (Client?) and use your well-ranked GGG pages  for another Target-Client.


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