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This software can be used alone or integrated with GGG. Go to Synonymizer 5.0 for more details.


1. A set of linguistic tools for the English writer. It provides synonyms for extensively used words, in order to enrich text. It also signals wich words are used more frequently, which helps to replace them and

2. Create new content for the search engines, for those webmasters that need to enlarge their websites. More content usually means more keywords being represented in the search engines, more indexed pages, and more results present in the searches. Thus, more content brings more visits.

The Synonymizer operation is not really creative, because real creation usually needs human work. However, the search engines are also non-human, and they cannot tell the difference.

3. Create keyword phrases for gateway page generators, AdWords campaigns and other uses. Mix words to help creativity and find the exact phrase for a title, song name, ad or any other creative writing.


The Synonymizer takes any text and:

- substitutes any words present in the Synonym Database for words in the text

- analyzes the input text and establishes the Word Frequency list, ordering the words from high frequence occurrence to low.

- lets add new synonyms to the database, usually starting from the high frequence words.

The Phrase Generator module takes words and combines them in phrases, respecting a logical order.

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