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To be honest I've looked at GGG in the past but wasn't really convinced. However, I've been taking a look at how one of our business competitors has managed to get to the first page on Google and it mostly seems to be due to getaway pages - so now I'm convinced they work.
By the way, GGG is a fantastic programme! I started using it in September last year and I'm already on the first pages of Google for several of my target search terms.
I would recommend GGG to anyone (except my rivals). When I bought it I was pretty sceptical but now after using it for 6 months I'm totally convinced.
Not only is it a fantastic programme but also it was money very well spent.

SEO companies asked for over a thousand dollars to get my website listed on the major search engines - but not one of them could promise to get me on the first page of Google. Before I started with GGG my website wasn't even listed on any of the search engines. Now for most of my target search terms it's on the first page of Google or in the first five and I also have first page rankings (or pretty near) on lots of other search engines too.

Thank you for all your help.


I've just downloaded the freeware version of your software and wanted to tell you that: IT'S ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!
I was really expecting it to be crummy. God knows I'd paid a pretty penny for some other software products that are. But I really like the way you've engineered this thing.
I'd like to be a beta tester for you and play around with the full version. I think I can give you some ideas on how to make it even better and more intuitive.
A little about my background:
I own an internet marketing firm called Browning Direct, Inc. We own (Top 10 on Google for "dog training") and and . I have experience developing many direct marketing, web site and software products. (Although I won't be doing any more software products-- too many support headaches!)
Anyway... I'd love to review your software more extensively and let me know when you're ready and I'll supply you with a good testimonial you can use in your marketing.
Best regards,Adam Katz. March 31 2003

I LOVE great gateway generator. It is seriously the best page generator I have used in the last 4 years. Loaded with features but still very easy to use. Thanks to you guys I have lots of great rankings in google :) Anyways thanks for your qwik response

YIPPEE! I can't wait for the next version. Wonderful! You shoudl not sell this product - only as a service (apart from to me of course).
Best regards,
Mark Sear -

I think the pages generated are excellent - both in presentation and technical (KW density, etc.)

Tom Masters

I used the free version of GGG and it seemed to work ok and I
uploaded all the files. I did not know if anything was right, but then a few
days later i noticed some traffic was being sent there from google. Do I
need to list with them in order for traffic to come to my website? I can't
remeber doing anything else to get my website listed with them, but it comes up under search term keywords in Google!
Anyway i am going to buy the full version anyway.
But right now i decided to use another website at webhost and abandond the first one at .

John -

Hello Sergio,
Installed it and did exactly the same steps and it worked fine. So it worked just
like you said. I paid for the full version.

I have to say that I think your program works well and generates some
rather nice pages. I never submitted anything to Google but yet
several search engines seem to find my site and I am very pleased
about that. I was spending a fortune on pay-per-clicks with Overture
and others and getting nowhere. I am a small time programmer and
still learning how to make programs and I always admire good work.
Thank you for your help and I wish you a prosperous year.

John Hale

Sergio: Thanks for the wonderful customer support you is much appreciated like a breath of fresh air. I do believe I will take you up on your $99 custom version and give it away on my site. Is this the upgraded version I will be giving away? I know I downloaded the free version, but if I go viral...I would like to give away the complete working copy--is this how your program works? Please advise.


Lamar Owens
Founder/Free Software Website/Software Services Plus

We just recenlty purchased your product ( about 30 minutes ago). I have
played with the free version, so I have an idea about how it works. It
is a product that gets a good review from people I have shown it to....
My question is how do I get google to find these pages once they are
generated by your software.. Is there something in your software that
submits to google, or do I need to do that on my own..

Thanks for your help

Country village store / Country home and garden

Hello Sirs!

During the last two days I got very familiar with your product and think it is really great J !

Just to let you know, I managed to get some top 10 to top 30 positions with the 0.800 version ! - using a domain that already had a good link popularity and good page rank, always using one main keyword and one sub keyword.

Using this domain the GGG sites where indexed in roughly 4-5 weeks which is really fast.

Unfortunately I need to target highly competitive keyword combos, so this is why not all the pages made it to the top. I think I will do the next one trying to add two sub-keywords hoping for higher placement.

Anyway, I really appreciate this solid piece of software you have been creating, from my experience it is the only Gatewaygenerator that works!

All the best

hi to all at gateway generator

firstly great product. it is exactly what we have been searching for.
something that is easy to use but still incorporates all major aspects of
SEO rather than simply the stock standard meat tags.

you mentioned that you still require testers. we are a SEO company based in austria, and therefore specialise in the german markets. the first thing i picked up on with your software is the
language restriction. currently we can use EN/US EN/GB or ES - ok but what about DE?? and FR and and and....

i would like to offer our services for you to test your software more based on the german search engines.

some of our references:

in google:

and so on.

we have customers in: dubai kenya australia austria germany usa portugal slovenia and others.

so please let us know asap if you wish to proceed - we may also be able to
translate your product for you if you wish into german.

Nigel Robertson
Place 1 - Web Design, Web Promotion & English Translation Services

Hi Sergio,

I just purchased your Google Gateway Generator to check it out.

I'm a professional SEO, and your program seems very interesting. Even though it's not "politically correct" right now, i can see that you have put a LOT of time, effort, and thought into this program. much better than anything i've seen.

I have been doing this 8 years, and i know doorways work. In fact, i have a sophisticated doorway program myself :) But don't worry, i have no intention of selling it, or trying to compete with you. I really thought i had the best program in the world, until i saw yours!
Charles W. - SEO

I LOVE great gateway generator. It is seriously the best page generator I have used in the last 4 years. Loaded with features but still very easy to use. Thanks to you guys I have lots of great rankings in google :) If you want to link to that it would be appreciated

Ben Pearson - Jan 4 2004


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