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Viral Marketing with GGG

Viral marketing is a powerful technique that allows fast, efficient dispersal of an idea around the marketplace.

When people use the Freeware version of GGG, discrete links to our site are included in the generated pages. This helps our sales because of direct clicks, and also improves our ranking in Google, Altavista and other search engines. The reason is that Google and Altavista use link popularity as a main ranking factor.

You can use a co-branded Freeware GGG to include your own brand in the pages generated by your customers or site visitors. (see the resellers program)

For $99 we will compile a Freeware version for you to offer to your visitors or clients. This version will create Gateway pages with up to 5 links to your promoted sites.

Link popularity is a key factor in attaining high search engine ranking.

This way, all the final users will indirectly generate link popularity for your sites. It will be their pages, their servers, they page registration and other promotion efforts, all working for you day and night. And they will be grateful to you because of the superb free tool you gave them...

If you also want to collect a commission from every sale that we make with your branded version of GGG, you just need to sign up in our Affiliate Program:

  Earn 30% commissions selling GGG in your website

This affiliate program is free to join, and it is open to every webmaster, even if they did not purchase any product from us.

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