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Why Gateway Pages?

Most SEO (search engine optimizing) consultants agree on how doorway pages must be constructed for web site optimization. They charge anywhere from $400 to $5000 for its work. We are the only company that combined all those features in a software package, starting by a fully functional freeware version.

Our 7 year experience promoting websites showed us that each keyword or keyword phrase deserves an exclusive, SE optimized page. The more keywords, the better is the chance of being found. Only with a software like GGG webmasters can afford making so many pages as needed for good traffic coming from the SE. This is called the "shotgun" approach: among many dozens of pages, one of them will make it to the top of Google and bring a good number of quality visitors.

But not only the quantity of the website pages is important. They must be SE friendly. Websites are not usually SE friendly because of fancy features or poor design:

SE friendly sites Flash animations The spiders do not follow the links
SE friendly sites Frames The spiders do not follow the links, just the Noframes tag.
SE friendly sites Purely graphic websites They lack indexable text.
SE friendly sites Lack of content pages No indexable text.
SE friendly sites Lack of keywords and keyword phrases Low relevancy site.
SE friendly sites Wrong or missing titles and metatags Low quality site.
SE friendly sites Database driven websites Spiders cannot find content.
SE friendly sites Dynamic pages Spiders cannot find content.
SE friendly sites Poor PageRank Not linked pages are considered low quality.

Gateway pages as generated by GGG are the optimal, hassle-free solution for these sites.

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